Our Crazy House

  • Jenny Schultz (Me)
  • Aaron Schultz (Hubby)
  • Mackenzie Erin (Daughter, 6)
  • Noah Jeron (Son, 5)
  • Sayde Fayth (Daughter, 1 and a half)
  • Melodie Grace (Daughter 6 months)
This LIFE may be a crazy LIFE, But it's MY LIFE!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another New Chapter

Aaron and I have been married for 6 years 1 month 2 weeks and 2 days, in that time we've had 3 children moved 11 times 5 of theses times to the same place. (Aaron's Parents home) We are back with Aaron's parents for a very short time (less than a month) until our house is ready for us on the 15th of November.
This will be our home for a LONG time. (I hope) It's not Huge or New, it needs new carpet, paint and cabinets, But it will be OURS!!! The location is exactly were I wanted, the School that the kids go to and will go to are the same school that their dad went to. Mackenzie's PE and Art teachers were also Aaron's PE and Art teachers. There is a PARK with a playground, as well as tennis and racket ball courts.

Our kids are growing up so fast that I fear I will miss something if I'm not careful.

Mackenzie is in FIRST grade, She LOVES her teacher and class. She is a good kid, she loves her Brother and Sisters and is always willing to help me with them. She says she doesn't want to be a mommy and that's fine for NOW but she is going to be an amazing mommy some day.

Noah is growing like a weed I don't know how I keep him in any thing for long, we just got him new shoes not long ago and he can't fit into them now to save his life. He was wearing Mackenzie's water shoes yesterday and the fact that they are HOT PINK didn't even phase him! Noah LOVES that we live right by my sister in law she has 4 boys who love to play with him. They are all a bit older than him so there isn't really any fighting they let him hang out with them and their friends and he's just loving it.

Sayde is a MOVER she NEVER stops moving. She LOVES to be out side and with nature. My sister in law has chickens and a duck that Sayde loves to talk to. She liked to chase them around the yard until one turned on her and pecked her in the chest she now only likes to talk to them through the chain link fence. She Loves her brother and sisters. Mackenzie already has a little shadow and Sayde isn't even 18 months old yet.

And then there is my Melodie, For a baby with a rough start in life she sure can hold her own. She is still a smaller baby but she is STRONG. She is truly a miracle and I thank my Heavenly Father for placing angels on this earth to protect her in the beginning. If it weren't for nurses who were doing all the right things I may not have my baby girl!!

I always wonder how it is possible to LOVE so hard for each of my children and yet when I have another one there is enough LOVE for that baby too!! I can not imagian my life with out each one of my children.  As most of the people in my life know I have a 7 year old son that I placed for adoption. I also LOVE him with all my heart and I feel blessed to be able to say I brought him into this world and I was able to find HIS FAMILY!

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